The Eldest Princess

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Charis M. Ellison
14 March

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Charis watches*: Supernatural | Doctor Who | Ace of Cakes | Castle | Firefly | HGTV | Burn Notice | Pushing Daisies | Dollhouse | Samurai Champloo

*"watches" may mean (1)"obsessively plans life around",(2)"enjoys catching in re-runs or on Hulu, (3)"likes, will watch an episode even if she's not caught up on the show, and is always planning to get caught up eventually..."

Charis reads: Girl Genius | Phoenix Requiem | Kukuburi | Questionable Content | Sinfest | Sheldon | Something*Postive | The Non-Adventures of Wonderella | Wondermark | xkcd | Family Man | The Dreamer | Little Dee | Dreamless

Charis, KAR-is

Geekus bibliphibian salsus; generically known as the 'bookish type moody girl'.

The Charis, when found in the wild, is a shy and elusive creature, known for its habit of lurking nervously near walls when it senses danger, or imminent social contact. However, when in groups of its own kind (any member of the genus geekus will do, although the Charis is most responsive in the company of fellow geekus bibliophibians) the Charis has been known to become lively and even daring.

The Charis can be lured into the open alone if the proper bait is used. Tidbits of geekery are most effective, including pieces of British television, slivers of fantasy or speculative fiction, chopped bits of pop culture, crumbled fairy tales, choice selections of costume design, or useless information are all recommended, but the serious Charis-watcher should take care--the wrong variety of bait will cause the Charis to turn up its nose and possibly incite a display of disdain (while impressive, the disdain of the Charis has been well documented elsewhere, and the inexperienced may find such a display detrimental to physical and mental well-being). Seasoned Charis-watchers have had success with such offerings as Doctor Who, comic books, Supernatural, folklore, Arthurian legends, pop-up books, Firefly, Batman, metaphysical poetry, period clothing, black and white films, classical music, young adult fantasy, moleskine notebooks, and folk music. More recently the Charis has shown a great deal of interest in offerings of yarns, knitting needles, and other craft items, which have been most effective when brightly colored. And there is, of course, the most basic of all Charis lures: the shiny object.

Once in the open, the Charis must be kept interested in order to prevent a hasty retreat back into either its flock of bibliophians or the relative safety of the nearest flowered wall. Engaging the Charis with interesting discussion is the best way to gain time for close study, but use caution--stupidity, intolerance, cheap debate tactics, and rudeness are all pitfalls that may lead to sudden injury or death if the Charis becomes enraged, and at best the Charis will retreat and refuse further contact until it has been sufficiently placated.

In captivity, the Charis will seek to create beauty in its environment. Without sufficient room for these creative outburts, the Charis will pine and wither. A limited amount of structure will help the Charis flourish, but the ideal handling of this rare creature calls for flexibility. Displays of craftiness should be met with a delicate mixture of admiration and criticism--too much of either will blunt the Charis's motivation--and a certain amount of inspiring stimuli should be introduced for best results. The Charis will thrive on a diet of chocolate bon bons and gummi bears, requires a fainting couch, and must be groomed regularly.

The Charis is not a sufficient source of beauty, fiber, artistic talent, or jelly babies. The Charis may contain unhealthy levels of sarcasm, repressed emotion, righteous fury, and unfulfilled ambition. Do not take the Charis while drinking, driving, or using heavy machinery, including forklifts, the Hubble telescope, hair dryers, and staplers. The Charis should be mixed with one part opinion, two parts honey tea, one half part ice cream, to one grain of salt. The writer of this article is not responsible for damages to goods or persons sustained while reading this article, following its advice, or bathing with a toaster. The writer of this article takes no responsibility for the accuracy or coherency of this article, and in fact takes no responsibility for her own actions.

According to aohdwyn's Fantasy Tropes meme, Charis is: the bit of random debris or puzzling artifact that proves when the protagonist wakes up post-adventure that it wasn't All Just A Dream.

dareva: you're like Captain Picard
dareva: except with hair
dareva: and boobs
dareva: but just as much of the sexy

"See, that's why I like you, Charis. You're a ravening fangirl over so many things--you never run out of room for any fangirling. You have a big heart." -- ssshunt

"Charis requires a significant margin of error." -- lady_moriel

"Charis is the fool. She always says the most important, wise things, that only the very wise pay attention to, because it sounds foolish. But she is always right, and always funny. There was a knight who never had a kind word for her, but was always complaining, and occasionally cruel. Charis told him that his incivility would be his downfall; he was eaten by a short tempered dragon." -- bonny_kathryn

"We're pretty sure Charis is hiding some incarnation of the Tardis in her backyard, or perhaps in her closet. We know she is deep in cahoots with the Doctor. We have yet to break the glamour that hides the pointed tips of her ears from the mundane world, and we cannot find the unicorn upon whose silvery back she rode, when she entered this world. However, it is only a matter of time. ...Meanwhile, we read her journal." -- aohdwyn

"Charis is a rabid grass-eating maniac! And she likes skunk smell." -- 1_2_suckerpunch

"Charis is Empress of the Universe. Do not upset her. She thinks you'd make a lovely Jell-o mold." -- dareva

"When Charis is good, she is very very good, and when she is bad, she is horrid."
"Charis, (n): 1. A fountain in Broceliande;
2. A witch from the East known mainly for her fabulous dress sense and flying monkey minions;
3. A mythic character found in some fairytales, handing out cloaks of invisibility to unattached, penniless younger sons." -- nimlotbradamant

"Charis is a big damn hero... with an evil laugh. :)" -- pensyf

"She'll tell you she's neurotic and a bad writer, but her friends (who hold her sanity cupped in their hands when she can't hold it herself ---because by the grace of God this is the way we all stay sane--- and who have read her manuscripts) say otherwise." -- arwenaria18

"Charis rocks my sparkly, diamond-patterned, knee-high socks! She is a katana-wielding genius in sparkly fairy wings with a snarky sense of humor and writing ability I would sacrifice puppies to the elder gods for. with bells on! =D" -- aohdwyn

"Charis has muffins. Not just your ordinary, boring, plain muffins, these are muffins capable of destroying the world, and initiating the Apocalypse. These are the Chocolate Death Muffins." -- bonny_kathryn

"Charis is like chocolate and spring and the feeling you get after running - only, minus the pain and the smell. Charis is a bunch of other good things too. But mostly she's fun - in that non-superficial way."
"Charis is liek whoa. Only better. Her goals in life included owning a trained monkey, being the world's best belly dancer, and to learn how to read a foreign language upside down and backwards." -- ecoj

"One day Charis scootered through Haarlem. Ella still remembers, but the moon was blood-red in Faerie, and therefore the Black Knight was overthrown." -- nimlotbradamant

"Charis is generally known to the public as "That One Awesome Chick". Some scholars think this because the uneducated masses have difficulty pronouncing her Greek name, but in reality it is because the uneducated masses find her so far above them that all they can think to identify her by is her One-ness and her Awesome-ness. She is neither a mass, nor uneducated, which shocks and amazes the many. Some have identified her with the being known as the Wicked Witch of the West, but it is my scholarly opinion that this has largely to do with the fact that both were single, intelligent, highly-educated women. And also, they both have a "flying monkeys to do my bidding" fetish. Other than that, they have very little in common. It is clearly shown that Charis is neither green nor does water melt her. In fact, water falling on her is what humanizes her, rather than melting her. In conclusion, Charis is made of Awesome and is not a Witch at all, despite the flying-monkey minions." -- reading_angel

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